Welcome to Bay City Surgery Center

At Bay City Surgery Center, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your experience is a comfortable one. We understand that surgical procedures can seem daunting. We cultivate a warm, nurturing atmosphere, where you can feel confident that you will receive trusted, reliable and compassionate care. We understand that clinical environments may make you feel ill at ease. That’s why we take the time to develop a dialogue with you to help you understand your condition, symptoms, surgical procedure and recovery. We work with you step by step, from your entrance into our office, to all follow up care. Bay City Surgery Center is one of the South Bay’s leading centers in surgical efficiency, safety and comprehensive care.

we pride ourselves in our safety record. We have had absolutely no safety issues. Our standard of care is second to none, when it comes to complication-free surgical procedures. Why are you doing your surgery/procedure in a surgery center and not a hospital? Because safety, infection control and efficiency are important to you. Hospitals can be breeding grounds for viruses and bacterial infection, which can affect your recovery time and cause serious health problems. At Bay City Surgery Center, we do our absolute best to maintain a clinical, infection-free environment, ensuring optimal safety results and health protection.

Come in and meet our friendly staff. Our licensed Registered Nurses are hand-selected from the best programs in the country. They are highly-trained and personally dedicated to the field of healthcare. They are happy to answer questions about your surgery/procedure, and other questions. Proficient in most every surgery/procedure that we provide at Bay City Surgery Center, our RNs are the best in the industry.

So welcome, relax and feel comfortable, as we are watching over you every step of the way.

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